Heritage Breed Turkeys

For 2018, Heritage Haus will be offering a limited number of turkeys for the holiday season. We are raising Midget Whites and a few Bourbon Reds and Blue Slates. We have selected these breeds because of their hardiness, their excellent taste, their size and their ability to thrive in a pasture based environment. 

Starting in late February, you can reserve your 2018 turkey with a $20 deposit. This guarantees you a bird and also qualifies you for a discounted rate on the price per pound. 


Icelandic Chickens

We are thrilled to have finally grown out a beautiful flock of Icelandic Chickens. The Icelandic Chicken is one of the oldest recognized “breeds” of poultry in the world. Genetically they have been found to be over 78% different from any other breed of Gallus Gallus (the domestic chicken). They are considered a landrace. Our flock is considered mixed, which means it contains bloodlines of all four of the original imports to the U.S.  With Icelandics, it is always important to be able to trace their breedings back to the original 4 imports. Our flock came from Fayrehale Farm and Woodland Cottage which ultimately came from Dave Grote.  Our Icelandic Chickens contribute to our farm's egg production along with our other flock of mixed heritage breed birds. 

From time to time we will have hatching eggs and a few grown stock available. If you are interested in starting a flock of Icelandic Chickens, please send us an email.

Hatching Eggs for Sale

1/2 Dozen $45
1 Dozen $80

Local pickup only, shipping not available

Grown Stock for Sale

Hens $45
Roosters $35
Breeding Trios $115