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Check out our monthly webinars coming in January.

Etching of a Kunekune Pig
Farm Artistic 1
Etching of a Barn


We are Heritage Haus Farm. We raise registered Kunekune Pigs, Icelandic Sheep & Toggenburg Goats in addition to a flock of commercial Katahdin sheep. We aim to raise our animals using regenerative practices that improve the quality of the land and water around us.

Established 2016 • Berkshire, New York

Etching of a Toggenburg Goat
toggenburg goats
Etching of a Kunekune Pig
kunekune pigs
Etching of an Icelandic Sheep
icelandic & katahdin sheep

I love to help farmers learn! I offer monthly webinars on livestock management, marketing, and grant writing. I also offer courses for youth.

Head Farmer Jenn Bassman with an Icelandic Lamb

We offer a number of products from our livestock including retail and bulk meat, soaps, lotions and wool.

Etching of a Barn
Coming in 2023!
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