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Heritage Haus Farm

about us

Heritage Haus is a 15-acre farm located in Berkshire, NY.  We raise Kunekune pigs, Icelandic chickens, Katahdin & Icelandic sheep, and Toggenburg goats

and keep a small garden for our family.

We select heritage breeds, who have proven themselves to be resilient and acclimated to outdoor living, and representative of their species as they have been for centuries. In our observations, these animals produce the best quality meats, eggs, wool, and pelts. 

We believe in raising our livestock as naturally as possible, out on pasture, utilizing rotational grazing methods that are gentle on the land.  

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Jenn Bassman


Head Farmer

Jenn is the head farmer at Heritage Haus. She was sitting on horses before she could walk, and got her first goat (it lived in her garage!) when she was 13. 

Jenn started Heritage Haus in 2015 with 2 Kunekune pigs. The farm has grown to include sheep, goats, cows, horses, pigs, and chickens. At any given time there are between 50-100 animals living on the farm. 

Jenn is also the founder of the Empire Kunekune Pig Association, a director of the National Toggenburg Club, and an active member of the American Kuneune Pig Society, the Icelandic Sheep Breeders Association, and the American Dairy Goat Association.

Jenn loves sharing knowledge and teaching others about raising livestock. She has taught courses and led webinars with organizations including the Cornell Small Farms Program, the Food Animal Concern Trust, Northeast Organic Farmers Association, Empire Kunekune Pig Association, New York State 4-H and Outschool. 

Our Family

Our daughter Zhora pitches in with the garden and the animals when she is not busy dancing.

Through 4-H she is learning about animal care, vegetable propagation, and entrepreneurship.

Bobby is the full-time dance chauffeur for Zhora and holds down the fort when Jenn is traveling. He is our head chef and enjoys utilizing the food we produce on our farm in his cooking.

Heritage Haus Farm Family Photo
Zhora and Toggenburg Goat
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