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icelandic sheep

Just like Icelandic chickens and horses, Icelandic sheep are known for being hardy, resilient, and untainted by other breeds for thousands of years. They are a tri-purpose breed, meaning they are valued for their meat, milk, and wool.  They are also the only kind of sheep in the world to have a sub-breed, called leader sheep.


We are proud to have an Icelandic sheep flock at Heritage Haus and have selected our breeding animals for their meaty builds and quality fleece. Their lambs will produce mild but flavorful meat in addition to wool and pelts. We are excited to be able to offer these products from our livestock on our farm!

We are members of ISBONA, and CLRC, the official registry association for Icelandic Sheep in North America. 

HH Icelandic Flock
the heritage haus icelandic flock

Our flock of adult Icelandic sheep lives outside on pasture 365 days a year. We select animals that demonstrate good parasite resistance and produce strong healthy lambs.

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