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Kunekune Pigs: Who is Bred to Whom 2023

The 2023 Breeding Season has begun! We are expecting to produce 7 litters this year here at Heritage Haus and quite a few more with our partners at Greek Hill Farms! Below is a list of pairings of the pigs at our farm. We expect piglets to arrive between late April and late June making weaning time between July and September.

We are accepting reservations for breeding stock and meat piglets with a $100 per pig deposit on a first come first serve basis. To learn more and make a reservation, please visit this link.

Maybee (Aria Giana) x Tiberius (TeWhangi)

Maybee was the second sow ever to join our farm and she has been a powerhouse of a producer. She has the highest rate of success raising piglets to weaning age, holds her body condition throughout pregnancy and nursing, and is so easy to work with. Her only fault, if you want to call it that (I don't usually) is that she is unwattled. (Seriously, I'll take an unwattled pig like this any day of the week!) She is matched with our young boar Tiberius, who is showing lots of potential and great conformation. He is also very laid back and friendly. Tiberius is not closely related to any of our sows so this will be a low COI litter.

Smudge (Rona) x Tiberius (TeWhangi)

Smudge is probably my favorite sow because of her personality. She loves to talk. She loves to open her mouth and have you pour food in. She is just a total character. This paring should produce lots of ginger/black spotted babies! A low COI litter.

Oscar (Tapeka) x Tiberius (TeWhangi)

Oscar is a gilt so this will be her first litter. She comes from a Tapeka line that produces high-white and occasional belting so we may get some interesting colors from this pairing. Another low COI match.

Aster (Rona) x Hamish (Boris)

This is a father-daughter line breed that should produce a mostly cream litter. Being that this will be a high COI pairing, we will be extremely selective about which piglets meet our breeding-quality standards. Hamish was our very first pig, and at 7 years old he is still going strong and in excellent health. We love his laid-back disposition and strong conformation. He is unwattled, but has produced many wattled offspring.

Marley (Sally) x Hamish (Boris)

This paring will produce our first-ever Sally line litter! Marley is medium in size but stout and correct in conformation. I would expect a mix of black/white and cream piglets from this paring.

Opal (Jenny) x Hamish (Boris)

Opal is just finishing nursing a small litter that was born in October but is in excellent condition and can go right back into the breeding pen. Her first 2 litters have been on the smaller side, but she is out of some of our largest stock. She is a very caring and careful mother and has a gentle disposition overall.

Jovie (Kereopa) x Cheeto (Tutaki)

Jovie is currently with our partners at Greek Hill Farm to be bred to this stunning Tutaki boar called Cheeto! Cheeto hit 211 lbs at one year old, and Jovie is also a large pig so we should get some good-sized piglets and maybe even some curly ones!

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