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Utilizing Kune Kune's of All Ages for Pork

Graphic showing processing timelines for Kunekune Pigs. 2-9 Months for a Roaster, 9-12 Months for Sausage, 10+ Months for retail cuts & charcuterie.

We are sharing this post from our friend and collaborator Amanda Hand who runs MKONO FARM. There is some excellent guidance here for how to utilize pigs of all ages for pork. ——————————————

It's important to understand when to process your Kune Kune. Different ages produce different sizes that can be utilized in different ways. This is one of the things I personally love about utilizing this breed for pork production. Its rich and well-marbled red meat can be capitalized in the niche pork arena at all sizes/ages.

2-9 months: This is best time to utilize this breed for roasting/smoking in the oven, over a spit, in a caja china, or in a smoker. Generally, people enjoy roasting pigs under 100 pounds. Pro Tip: Utilize your herniated boarlings for roasting projects in the 30-60 pound range.

9-12 months: Depending on the weight of your Kune Kune (120-150 pounds), this might be the best time to harvest for bulk sausage.

Pro Tip: Take off your 2 most popular muscles to sell whole to customers then process the rest as bulk sausage, breakfast links, and grillers.

11+ months: Depending on the weight and age of your Kune Kune (175+) this is the best time to utilize for cuts and charcuterie.

Pro Tip: For cuts- Consider utilizing pigs that are 11 months-3 years of age. For Charcuterie -Consider using kunekune that are 3+ years and trimming them out entirely for charcuterie production.

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